There are changes afoot. I’ve kept quiet. At least online. Little snippets and clips posted here and there, but no place to stretch my legs, mentally speaking. No place to think out loud and find out what it is I really think about all the events and experiences whirling around me.

So, it was time to open a new door, put some feelers out and once again set fingers to keyboard and see what results.

Two cups of coffee. That’s what I need each morning to wake up and face the day, so it seemed the logical choice for the name of this little attempt at sending some words and thoughts out into the ether.

What’s the topic? Whatever strikes my fancy, though likely to revolve around my multiple obsessions: music, politics, all things Apple, people I meet, places I visit — and the ‘why’ of all those.

At least not when I’m spouting superficial drivel, that is.

Bear with me, please.




3 comments on “Why?

  1. Andy MS says:

    🙂 Is someone bored? 🙂

  2. jlshannon says:

    Not bored, just needed a different outlet.

  3. Go Jeff, I love hearing your drivel!!!!

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