Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – No aid needed from world donors for flood victims in Sindh: NDMA

Let’s hope they’re not wrong. Again.

Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ) – No aid needed from world donors for flood victims in Sindh: NDMA.

No aid needed from world donors for flood victims in Sindh: NDMA PDF Print E-mail
ISLAMABAD, Aug 20 (APP): Chairman,National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Zafar Qadir on Saturday said that the Authority would not be looking for any international assistance for the current floods which hit Sindh province. NDMA was efficiently managing the relief work and facing no difficulties in its operations, he told APP.
The Authority has distributed relief items including 12,700 tents, three water purification plants and 23,000 family ration packs, to the flood-affected people in Sindh.  The relief goods have been disbursed in the inundated districts of Badin, Tando Muhammad Khan and Mirpur Khas besides the badly damaged Mithi town of Tharparker district, he said. 

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qadir who visited the affected areas to take stock of the situation and coordinated with the provincial authorities for organizing effective and timely relief operations, said, NDMA’s teams were actively engaged in the flood relief and rescue operation and they were capable enough to tackle the current flood aftermath.

“In case we need any assistance from the donors or international non-governmental bodies we will engage the donors in the relief work,” he added.
He said that if international non-governmental bodies’ wants to go on the flood affected areas but before going for any relief operation they have to get an approval from NDMA.
“We want to have a complete check and balance on international non-governmental bodies before clearing them for any relief work,” said the chairman of NDMA.
Zafar Qadir added that the current step was taken after looking the history of international non-governmental bodies because they collect thousands of dollars in Genva and New York for the flood affected population hardly spends it on the effected people.
“The money goes more in salaries and other things,” he remarked.         
He informed that around 60 percent of cotton crops were damaged in the flood affected areas.
“Crops of sugar-cane were not damaged in flood hit areas because the height of the sugar-cane is three feet above the flood water level,” said the chairman.
He said that all armed forces were managing the rescue part of flood relief operations.
Qadir, who was currently in Badin, added that 31 lives were lost because of the current floods as the roofs of their houses were collapsed after massive rains.
It may be mentioned that the Sindh province has been hit by floods again this year which has undated several villages and around six districts leaving several thousand people homeless.

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